Fast and Easy Ways To Remove Plasti Dip From Rims

Plasti dip is a great way to protect the rims from scratching and wear, also used to refresh their look and change the color. After two to three years, it will begin to chip and peel, and needs to be removed before applying a new coat. Removing plasti dip isn’t a difficult task, and I’ll take you through the steps and different methods of how to get it off.

Steps to Remove Plasti Dip

Depending on the product you decide to use for the job, you’ll additionally need: kitchen sponge, brush, microfiber cloth, rubber gloves, pressure washer, or a garden hose.

  1. Jack up the car and remove the wheel. Place a solid object, like a small tree stump under a reinforced part of the chassis and let it take the weight off the car jack.
  2. Coat the rim with a solution you’ve chosen, and wait if necessary.
  3. Scrub the rim with a sponge or microfiber cloth.
  4. Use a pressure washer or garden hose to clean the rim.
  5. If there’s still plasti dip on the wheel, repeat the process.
  6. Hoist the car up, remove the safety object, and reattach the wheel.
  7. Repeat the process for the remaining three wheels.

1. Gasoline

Gasoline is a very effective plasti dip dissolver, but it needs to be handled with caution. Next time you’re filling up your car, bring a safe container and trickle some gasoline into it. Always wear gloves and eye protection, and avoid doing the process on a really hot day. Alternatively, you can buy a bottle of kerosine, which is less volatile and safer to use.


2. Hydrochloric acid

Getting your hands on gasoline might require a trip to the nearest gas station and a jerry can, so if you happen to have hydrochloric acid in your cupboard of cleaning products, you can use it instead. You should remove the wheel and apply the acid on the rim, wait for it to take effect then scrub it off. Exercise extreme caution when handling hydrochloric acid, especially the 14-18% solution.


3.  WD-40

WD-40 is a completely safe option, but is less potent and doesn’t always work. Spray the wheel and let it soak, then either use a kitchen sponge or a rag to scrub away the plasti dip, or use a high-pressure water stream. You may need to repeat the process several times, but the benefit is that you won’t be dealing with flammable or toxic substances.


4.  Ethanol

This method is more physical than the rest, as you’ll have to damp cloth with the purest ethanol you have and scrub hard. Use light surgical gloves to keep the alcohol from drying up your skin, and avoid paper towels as they’ll disintegrate from friction and make a mess.


5.  Goo Gone Automotive

If you don’t have other products at your disposal or the plasti dip is too stubborn to come off, use Goo Gone to get it right off. Once you’re done with the rims, you’ll find further use for it in removing stickers from windows and bumpers.


6. Use Your Hands

Because plasti dip peels and chips as it becomes more brittle, you can use your hands and a plastic object to slowly scrape it off. This method will take a lot of time, but won’t cost you anything. Still, I would recommend at least use strong alcohol to make the process faster.


How hard is it to remove Plasti dip from rims?

The process isn’t complicated, but it can be taxing and time-consuming depending on the method you choose to use. The process of taking the wheels off the car and putting them back on can easily take over an hour, so plan accordingly.

Does Plasti dip come off in rain?

Plasti Dip is highly resilient and doesn’t begin to peel until the coating has been damaged. Because of that, relying on a pressure washer to clear all of the Plasti dip isn’t recommended.

Will Plasti dip damage the finish?

Because it’s just a coating that can be peeled off or dissolved easily, Plasti dip will not damage the rims. In fact, it serves to protect the rims from wear and damage.

How do you wash Plasti dip?

Maintaining Plasti dip doesn’t involve any extra steps or special methods. Simply wash the wheels as if they were bare aluminum or steel, whether at home, at a self-service station, or in a car wash.

Can you put another Plasti dip coat over the old one?

Like with any other coating or paint, only by cleaning all of the previous layers can the new one properly set. Always remove old Plasti dip and be especially diligent if you’re applying a new coat.


Plasti dip can be easily removed with the right product, and there are more than enough products on the list to find one that will work for you. Remember to take all safety precautions and handle volatile substances with care. Don’t use metal or sharp objects to peel plasti dip off, as scrapes and damage to the rim’s finish can happen easily.