How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last?

The Ford Taurus has been the staple car of American roads since 1985. It’s one of the most popular sedans available, and with its brief discontinuation from 2019 to 2021, it’s a great time to buy a used model.

But just how long does a Ford Taurus last? In terms of years, Taurus can endure 20 years in a moderate climate with salt-free roads. When it comes to the mileage, it should cross at least 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and repairs.

How Many Miles Does a Ford Taurus last?

The average likelihood of a passenger car crossing more than 200,000 miles is less than 1%. Toyota Prius achieves a 1.7% retention rate, while Honda Civic is at 1.2%.

Ford Taurus has a respectable 1.6% rating, meaning that for every 1000 Taurus cars build, 16 are still registered and driven today. While maintenance costs are one of the factors to swap, it’s more likely that Taurus owners opt for a new vehicle to reduce running and insurance costs.

How Many Years Does a Ford Taurus last?

Ford Taurus is built tough, and it’s quite resistant to rusting. I’ve stated that Taurus can last well over 20 years, and that’s a fact. However, longevity can also be observed through the average length of ownership by the first owner.

While the average passenger car is retained by its original owner for up to 8.4 years, Taurus gets is above the curve, averaging 9.4 years. It’s situated between Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic at 9.0/9.1 years respectively, and Toyota Camry & Avalon at 9.5/9.7 years.

This tells us that Ford Taurus is trusted by its owners, and serves them well for a long time, or its maintenance and repair costs are reasonable enough to keep it running for longer than the average.

Does The Ford Taurus Hold its Value?

Ford Taurus has one of the worst value depreciation ratings among full-size cars. Because of the discontinuation and wide availability on the used car market, Taurus loses most of its value in the first two years.


Ford Taurus Model YearPrice When Brand NewValue Lost (%)Value Lost ($)Current Residual Value

The 2019 model currently retains roughly 65% of its value, which amounts to $22,000-23,000 price on average. It continues on a steep decline, with 2014 models retaining 35%, and 2010 models keeping just 20% of their original value. It falls as low as 15-10% between 2010 and 2001 but then raises back up to 20% with the ’90s models as they have some collector value.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you bought a Ford Taurus brand-new, even if it was a 2019 model, you’ve already lost $12,500 in residual value, with is a very sharp decline. However, if you’re considering a used Ford Taurus, then the 2019 model is a great choice, but so are the older models as its price decline curve is really steep overall.

How Expensive is the Ford Taurus to Maintain?

Based on RepairPal‘s report, the average cost of annual maintenance for a Ford Taurus is $775, which is higher than other vehicles in its class. However, Edmunds claims that the figure is much higher. We could say that RepairPal is optimistic while Edmunds has a more realistic figure of $1,000 annually. The following chart uses Edmunds data and excludes costs of unexpected repairs.


2019 ModelYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total

Is the Ford Taurus Expensive to Repair?

The parts for Ford Taurus can get quite expensive. Edmunds claims that the new owners of a 2019 model will have to spend $1,887 on repairs over the span of the first five years. The price of components declines over time, but the number of faults increases to the point where repairs and maintenance become more expensive as the car ages.

The following table lists the parts and replacement costs for the 2019 Ford Taurus. It is based on the estimates provided by RepairPal.

Brake Vacuum Pump $170 – $190
Radiator Fan Motor $280 – $300
Sunroof Motor $420 – $480
Fuel Injector $260 – $320
Brake System Inspection$90 – $110
Oil Pan Gasket $300 – $400


Is the 2014 Ford Taurus a good car?

Ford Taurus 2014 is a solid option in the full-size car class. It’s got a smooth ride and great acceleration and top speed thanks to the powerful twin-turbo V6 engine. Its current value is around $21,000 but a 2014 Ford Taurus Limited will hold its value better, which means it’ll be more expensive.

Is the Ford Taurus a reliable car?

Ford Taurus doesn’t receive the highest ratings in reliability, but it’s still fairly reliable. The bigger problem is the high maintenance and parts cost in comparison to the original price.

What year Ford Taurus is best?

If you’re considering a used Ford Taurus, then check out the 2012 and 2017 Taurus, 2014 Ford Taurus Limited, and the 2012 Ford Taurus SEL as they’ve received the highest ratings.

Is Ford Taurus a luxury sedan?

Taurus has some luxury comfort and convenience features, but the overall build quality and feature list can’t compare to proper luxury sedans from Japan or Germany. Because of that, I would not label Ford Taurus a luxury sedan, but for the price, it still offers a lot.

Is Ford Making a 2021 Taurus?

Ford has in fact just recently released its 2021 Ford Taurus. In-depth reviews are yet to be released, but Ford claims that the brand-new Taurus has 240 horsepower, 390 Nm of torque, and achieves a fuel efficiency of 37MPG.


Ford Taurus ranks аbove average in reliability, but it’s more expensive to maintain and repair than most cars in its class. However, it compensates for it with a much more affordable market value and a powerful V6 engine that can do over 200,000 miles. We’ve many more car lifespan breakdowns on our website, so be sure to check them and see if there’s a more reliable model than Ford Taurus that you might like.