How To Open The Toyota Camry Trunk Without a Key

Camry trunk lock goes through thousands of lock and unlock cycles and has to endure less-than-gentle closing, so it’s not a surprise if it inevitably fails. Older Camry’s are unlocked by a key, but modern generations use a remote system to make it more convenient. Let’s explore all the options on how to open the Toyota Camry trunk without using the key.

Fold the Rear Bench

This method works if your Camry has the ability to fold the rear seats. There are two hooks located at the corners of the backrest. You need to pull them and disengage the seat lock – this can be tricky as leaning on the backrest will cause it to lock. It’s best to have someone help you out, or unlock one side, step outside the vehicle and access the second lock from the other side.

The backrest can now be folded down on the seating area, and you can fold it even further and make the rear bench lean upwards against the front seats. Now you can crawl inside the trunk, and pull on the yellow handle to open up the trunk from the inside. As this method takes a lot of time, you should take the lock mechanism or drive the vehicle to a locksmith or a mechanic for repairs.

Use the Trunk Latch

You might not know this, but some generations of Toyota Camry come with a trunk latch located near the driver’s seat, either on the floor next to the gas tank latch or on the bottom left side of the dashboard. It allows you to quickly and easily open the trunk of your Camry from inside the vehicle.

The Undercarriage Trick

Leaving the keys inside the car has happened to all of us, and with the automatic locking system, they’ll remain in there until you open the car with a spare set, or call a locksmith. Fortunately, if you’ve left your keys inside the trunk of the Toyota Camry, there’s a quick and easy way of getting the trunk open from the outside.

For this method, you’ll need a long screwdriver, but as it’s highly likely that your basic tools are locked inside the trunk, ask another driver to borrow you one for a few minutes, or try your luck with a piece of straight wood or branch.

Get beneath the driver’s door and locate a rubber plug the size of a large bottlecap. It’s located directly beneath the trunk latch, next to the driver’s seat. Remove the plug, and use the tool at your disposal to push upwards through the hole. It will force the carpeting up, and push on the trunk latch, which will open the trunk and give you access to your keys. Don’t forget to place the plug back in once you’re done!

Remove the Door Cylinder Lock

This method is challenging and there is a chance you won’t be able to put everything back in place, so make sure you follow the guide and take a look at the instructional video before attempting it yourself. It works in cases where the doors of your Camry can be opened, but the alarm system prevents you from opening the trunk, and your keys are locked in it.

  1. Locate the plastic plug on the driver’s door. It’s leveled with the door handle and faces towards the B-Column when the door is closed. Take it off and safely store it away.
  2. Look through the hole – there’s a Torx head screw inside. Find the appropriate Torx screwdriver size, and loosen the screw. There are safety mechanisms that prevent the screw from falling into the door but proceed with care just in case.
  3. Pull the door handle to gain access to the key cylinder. You need to slide the key cylinder out of the socket, which can be difficult given the tight fit. Be careful not to break off the handle, or scratch the paint. Some masking tape will work great as a temporary layer of protection.
  4. The cylinder head will come out so it faces the rear of the car. Remember this, as it’s the only way you’ll be able to put it back in once you’ve opened the trunk.
  5. Look at the end of the key cylinder. You’ll notice the plus-shaped lock mechanism. Now look into the cylinder slot and at the end, there will be a plus-shaped indentation where it fits.
  6. Take a flathead screwdriver, and carefully insert it into the cylinder slot. Once it’s inside the plus-shape indentation, rotate it to lock the car, then to unlock it.
  7. Press the trunk release button, and the trunk will open right up!

Getting the cylinder lock back into position is much harder than it was to take it out. Let’s go through the steps and get the door back in a functional state.

  1. Raise the door handle and slide the cylinder in from the same angle it came out. This will require lots of twisting, pivoting, and turning, so take your time, be patient, and don’t force anything.
  2. Once the cylinder is facing the right way and the door handle can slide onto it, insert the key, turn it and gently apply pressure, and the cylinder should fall right into its place.
  3. With the key left in the lock, tighten the Torx screw. If the screw isn’t gripping, you’ll use the key to wiggle it in position and make everything fall into its place.
  4. Put the plastic plug back in, and you’re done with the process.


What are all the factory ways of opening the trunk of the Toyota Camry?

You can use the handle on the trunk or the trunk latch or button. To unlock it, insert the key directly in the trunk lock, or use the fob key functionality.

How do you open a trunk without a battery?

The best way to do it is to fold the rear bench and gain access to the trunk release handle.

Why does my trunk button doesn’t work?

The battery in your fob key is the likely suspect, but it could also be a problem with the electronic lock. Before replacing the trunk lock entirely, see if there are any blown fuses that should be replaced.

How much would it cost to get a trunk fixed?

We estimate the cost of labor to be around $50, while the price of a trunk lock cylinder ranges from $50 to $150. Search for the replacement part online to get a more accurate estimate.

How does a trunk lock work?

Inside the trunk lock, an electric motor called the actuator releases and locks the trunk latch by using electricity. If the battery is dead, the system will not work, and you’ll have to unlock the trunk manually.

Can I unlock my Camry with my phone?

The latest models come with a Toyota Remote Connect app, which allows you to unlock the vehicle with a press of a button. It also has other convenient features such as engine start and vehicle finder.


When facing problems with unlocking the Toyota Camry trunk, follow one or more of these methods, and you’ll surely get in. If the cylinder lock method is outside your comfort zone, you should call a locksmith or a mechanic to help you out, as the damage you can cause can be more expensive. I hope I’ve helped you unlock your Toyota Camry trunk without keys, and if you’d like to learn more useful tips, keep reading our articles!