How To Remove Scratches From Car Windows: Quick Fixes

Are you looking for the best way to remove scratches from car windows? When your window has a scratch, it looks very uncomfortable. Furthermore, scratches on a car window such as the windscreen may blur your vision, making it hard to drive your car. Blurred vision can lead to severe accidents and loss of lives on the road.

However, you do not need to get a new window or windshield when it has a scratch. There are several ways you can use to fix the scratches on your car window cheaply. It is very economical, and most car windows are costly. Replacing them would cost a fortune and make a huge dent in your wallet.

It would be best to remove scratches from the windshield immediately they occur. Cracks develop into deep cuts over time, making the process more cumbersome and costly. If left unattended for long, it may be worse, and you may have no option but to replace it with a new one. Here is the best guide for a quick fix to enable you to fix your car window scratches effortlessly.

Step 1: Determine the Depth of the Scratch

Firstly, you have to determine the depth of the scratch to ensure it is fixable. It is an essential venture since you may use your resources, time, and effort to do an activity that will not produce any results at all in the end. Some extreme cases of scratches will require you to get a new car window.

The inspection process is also straightforward. You don’t need any special equipment to carry out this process. Start by running your finger over the scratch. You have to be very careful since some glass could cut you while you move your finger on top of the window. To be careful, you need to do the process slowly.

When the surface is smooth, and you can smoothly run your fingers on top of the window, then the scratch is simply a surface scratch, and you can mend it easily. However, when the scratch catches your finger, it will signify a deep scratch that may need you to purchase a new window.

These types of deep cuts spread quickly on your window, making them full brown cracks. It would be best to clear them once and for all by removing the window or windshield altogether.

Step 2: Prepare Your Supplies and Tools

You need to have some necessary equipment and materials to complete your work effectively. An auto repair kit would be perfect for this task. You will get virtually everything you ought to have in this procedure on the kit to aid in your car glass scratch repair.

Auto car worker and mechanic cleaning a cars window

Here is a checklist for all you need for the procedure:

  • Enough water, preferably flowing water
  • Glass cleaner
  • Pieces of soft cloths
  • A clean spatula
  • Some small bowls
  • Markers or tapes
  • Drill
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Goggles

You may not use all this equipment, but it will come in handy to make your process more comfortable and practical. Apart from the equipment, you need to get the scratch repair products. These are the essential product for removing your window scratches. There are three options to choose from, depending on your personal needs.

The rubbing compounds are:

1. Clear Acrylic Nail Polish

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It is the most popular product people use because it is highly available. However, it only works on very shallow scratches. The product works by forming a layer that will bond to the glass, making it firm and will not be disturbed and continue cracking as when left alone.

2. Cerium Oxide

This product is not very popular. It’s the most effective product when you want to eliminate your scratches and give your window a new look. It works very simple and seamlessly, creating a protective layer that bonds the crack together. It will reduce all chances of the crack becoming worse.

3. Baking Soda and White Toothpaste

Every home has these products, and they are cheap from any retail shop around you. When you use them, you may require multiple procedures to make your work effective. It will also work effectively to protect your window and avoid any further cracks.

Step 3: Prepare the Surface of Scratch

Get the part of the window ready for the procedure of removing the scratch. Most windows and windshield accumulate dirt, debris, and several contaminants. Wipe them off using a microfiber towel and ensure the surface remains clear and clean.

After cleansing the surface, use a sprayer to spray your glass cleaner on the surface. It would be best to spray while brushing the surface thoroughly to remove any glass particles or remaining contaminants. Sometimes, you may need to wash your glass. However, ensure it dries off well before working on it.

You may not need to clean all the glass but focus on the part where the scratch is. Don’t use ordinary soap since you may not get the best-required result; use distilled water and vinegar for the best results. To remove tough stains, get special glass cleaners to remove them. Ensure nothing is left on the glass.

After successfully cleaning the scratched surface, cover the edges of the window. It is crucial to ensure your paintwork is not affected by the compound you will be using. It would be best if you also marked the area you will be fixing. After a thorough cleaning, it may be hard to find the scratched surface. Use a dry-erase marker to mark the surface.

Step 4: Get Your Repair Product Ready

Preparation of your repair product is differentiated according to your choice. The products are both used differently. You need to know all these procedures to help you whenever you have to choose any product.

When you have cerium oxide, mix the powder effectively in a bowl with water. The mixture should be slurry and not thick. You can add water when the slurry tends to dry. It will give you an easy time to put it on the surface effectively and smear it.

When using toothpaste, ensure it has baking soda as an ingredient. Sometimes you may need to purchase baking soda separately. Now mix one spoon of baking soda and a quarter of toothpaste in a standard tube. Mix until you form a slurry mixture with no effect on the baking soda.

Step 5: Smear the Repair Product on the Surface of Scratch

Windscreen repair

When you are using cerium oxide, ensure you wear protective clothing effectively. It causes mild irritation when it touches bare skin. It would help if you also worked outside where there is enough flow of oxygen. Smear the compound on the surface of the scratch. It is easy to apply when it is in a tube since you need to press to release the product and apply it all over the area.

After applying, you can smear the slurry paste with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use too much pressure when spreading, be gentle but firm to ensure the product gets into the crevice effectively. The product should dry on the surface to be hard and clear for proper visibility. You will also need to buff the surface with a buffing machine or pad.

The buffing process should start from slow-rising your way up steadily. Fill the surface more and more as you continuously buffer to reach a clear and smooth surface with no crack. The buffing pad edges should align to the scratch as you carry out the process.
Please leave it to dry before you embark on doing any other thing to the surface of the window. The period of rest is about 20-30 minutes.

Step 6: Cleanse the Window Once More

After your procedure, you should clean your window to ensure that the product remains are virtually wiped out. You can wash your window normally and check if there is any part remaining with a scratch. The result should be precise and uniform glass.
You can then create a schedule to reapply the products again.

It is because the products wear off with time from pressure such as heavy downpours. Ensure your window remains intact for the most prolonged time.


1. How do you get scratches out of auto glass?

You can use scratch removal products such as cerium oxide or toothpaste with baking soda.

2. What causes car window scratches?

There are several causes, such a defective windshield wiper blades, and collisions.

3. Can toothpaste remove scratches from the windshield?

Yes, but you have to ensure it has ingredients of baking soda. Otherwise, you will buy baking soda and mix it with toothpaste.

4. Can you polish auto glass?

Yes, you can do this by using a window polish kit and use it for polishing.

Final Thoughts

Here is a guide to the most straightforward way on how to remove scratches from automotive glass. You can use them to save costs by buying new windows and windshields. Ensure you do it immediately to avoid getting deeper scratches.