10 Best Batteries For The Toyota Tacoma in 2021

10 Best Batteries For The Toyota Tacoma in 2021

Turning the ignition on only to realize nothing has happened is one of the most frustrating moments for car owners. Leaving headlamps, radio, or reading lights on overnight can drain the battery, and while it can be recharged, it’s never going to work as well as it used to. When it’s time to swap it, … Read more

Are Volkswagen’s Expensive to Maintain?

Are Volkswagen's Expensive to Maintain?

The general maintenance for Volkswagen includes items that are very much the same as with vehicles of other makes. Those items include such things as an oil change, rotating tires, and replacing parts, such as spark plugs and filters that would wear out regularly. In considering maintenance of a Volkswagen, we need to bear in … Read more

Ford 289 vs 302 and 351 Engine – What’s the Difference?

Ford 289 vs 302 and 351 Engine - What's the Difference?

When one thinks of Ford’s engines, particularly their small blocks, the most notable ones that come to mind are probably the 289, 302, and the 351-cubic-inch engines. These motors are the power that drives the wheels of Ford’s Mustang, including high-performance models or versions like the Shelby GT. Although typically identified by their displacement, it’s … Read more

Infiniti vs Lexus – Which Brand is Best?

Infiniti vs Lexus - Which Brand is Best?

Infiniti and Lexus are both superior-quality luxury brand vehicles. Both brands are exceptional in safety, performance, styling, and luxury. There are many opinions about which brand is best, and only head-to-head comparisons can determine which car is best. Or maybe, it will be a draw. Both luxury cars offer driver’s roomy interiors, powerful performances, technology, … Read more

How Many Miles Can a Jeep Last?

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

When you think of efficiency and durability in both off-road and on-road, Jeep becomes your best option. Jeep is notoriously reliable and is one type of automobile that is highly popular out there. In our case, Jeep Wrangler is a well-known jeep model that has won the hearts of many. Many potential buyers or even … Read more

Why Are Jeeps So Expensive?

Jeep on a tracking trail

One thing is constant in the list of the best off-road SUVs: the Jeep. This car brand has come a long way, from a military vehicle to one of the world’s most coveted automobiles. Jeeps, however, don’t come cheap. They aren’t as expensive as the Bugatti Chiron or the Rolls-Royce Sweptail, but their price tags … Read more