What is the Difference Between The Subaru WRX and STI?

Developing an understanding of what each of the terms stands for may help shed some light on their origins. WRX stands for world rally experimental, being a collaborative project. On the other hand, STI is Subaru Tecnica International to make things clearer for the buyer.

The STI is essentially a trim level of the WRX model. Both of them have incredible features, but they differ in price by a few thousand dollars for the enhanced features found in the STI. Both are sturdy vehicles that deserve consideration of their many qualities to discern the differences.

Through comparison, this will help give any prospective buyer an outlook on what to expect from each vehicle and how it pertains to every individual. The budget of every person is different, which is why there are two models to choose from to meet the needs of all drivers.

Engine Components

Driving experience can vary between the two models and is considered one of the key differences when discussing engine performance. They both get the job done, but the STI tends to pack more of a punch overall. Firstly, the Subaru WRX has 268 horsepower with a two-liter engine capable of 258 pounds per foot of torque.

In contrast, the STI model consists of 305 horsepower with an impressive four-cylinder 2.5-liter boxer engine that can accomplish 290 pounds of torque. The difference in engine functionality is apparent while driving and has an impact on the overall feel of the ride.

Both will give you great control, but the STI has an edge in strength, efficiency, speed, and acceleration.

subaru sti interior1

Speed And Acceleration Differences

The Subaru WRX has a high speed of 155 miles per hour, and can effectively accelerate to sixty mph within a 5.2-second time frame. However, the enhanced STI model has the power to reach a top speed of 174 mph within 4.8 seconds.

This difference is relatively small, but it’s definitely noticeable when operating the vehicle in comparison to the WRX. Faster acceleration and speed can serve the driver well on the road with more control and smoother functionality.

Braking is also an important aspect when analyzing the two vehicles, and the STI has more powerful breaking capabilities that can help with tight situations. The acceleration of any vehicle can have an impact on escaping collisions, and the heavy braking of both models can help prevent accidents with great precision.

Transmission And Key Features

The power behind the wheels in any transmission is important for a robust driving experience. When comparing these models, it’s crucial to note the key differences revolving around transmission and power for increased driving sustainability and stability.

The WRX offers a six-speed manual transmission. On the STI, you will find it has an enhanced close-ratio six-speed with slip differentials located on the front and back. This gives higher than average power to support the wheels.

One key feature that the STI has is an advanced speaker system with nine speakers and a 440-watt amplifier for amazing sound quality for music and back seat entertainment.

subaru sti

STI Considered Superior

Regarding the price range, the STI is naturally more expensive for the enhanced features. It’s a matter of determining if you’re willing to settle for the increased price range for the features included. Each individual should weigh their needs with the available options to make an informed decision.

If the performance and efficiency of an enhanced engine are a preference, then the STI is the choice for a few thousand dollars more. Both vehicles are similar in their design and contain the same amount of space for traveling. The base WRX car is a great option for those on a budget and don’t place emphasis on luxury features.

The STI may have the amazing addictive qualities that make it more of an indulgence for collectors and those looking for more of a bang for their buck. Regarding their appearance, they are extremely similar, if not almost identical. Sleek and stylish designs make the vehicles an excellent choice on the market with two convenient options for different consumer preferences.

If you settle on the base WRX, you’re still getting excellent quality and a professionally crafted car with a powerful engine. Those seeking more control over the operating system and more powerful engine who are willing to go big with their selection will feel right at home with the STI’s powerful engine and incredible Torque.