Fast and Easy Ways To Remove Plasti Dip From Rims

Plasti dip is a great way to protect the rims from scratching and wear, also used to refresh their look and change the color. After two to three years, it will begin to chip and peel, and needs to be removed before applying a new coat. Removing plasti dip isn’t a difficult task, and I’ll … Read more

Symptoms of Loose Battery Cables

One of the most frustrating problems drivers face is issues with the car battery. It can be expensive, albeit easy to replace, but the main issue is not being to start the car without it. However, the symptoms of a bad battery aren’t that different from symptoms caused by loose battery cables. In this guide, … Read more

How To Open a Chevy Truck Hood From The Outside

A broken hood latch isn’t especially difficult to repair, but unless you’re checking fluid levels, chances are that you’ll only realize it’s broken if there’s an engine problem. Being unable to gain access to the engine bay can leave you stranded, and create unnecessary expenses of calling on-road help or towing service. Learning how to … Read more

How To Unlock a GMC Sierra Without Keys

GMC keyless entry is a convenient feature available for every generation of Sierra. The fob keys used to remotely open and close doors tend to get broken or misplaced, so in this guide, we’ll focus on the easiest ways to program a new remote. The process will likely work for Chevrolet Silverado as well since … Read more

How To Make Your Car Exhaust Louder – Low Budget Solutions

The increasing traffic density in modern cities has pushed car manufacturers towards making their vehicles as quiet as possible. If you’re a person that can appreciate the beauty of an engine sound, from Inline-4 to V8, then making the exhaust louder is a simple and inexpensive way to get it. Let’s explore the methods and … Read more

How Long Does It Take For a Car To Cool Down?

Internal combustion engines utilize flammable fuel and operate at thousands of revolutions per minute, so it’s no surprise that the system can get hot. If you’re curious about the time it takes for the car to cool off, chances are you’re either changing the oil or engine parts, or you’ve ended up stranded with an … Read more